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What Is Soy Biodiesel?
Soy Biodiesel just may be the biggest improvement to the trucking industry in our lifetime. It is derived from 100% virgin soybean oil, and can be blended with petroleum diesel from 2% (B2) up to 100% (B100).

Can I use Soy Biodiesel in my 18-wheeler?
Yes. You can use Soy Biodiesel in any diesel engine. It is a registered fuel with the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) and meets American Society for Testing and Materials (ASTM) standard D-6751. In fact, Soy Biodiesel already has logged 60 million road miles from over 500 fleets nationwide.

How will it affect my engine warranty?
Soy Biodiesel is a widely accepted – and often preferred – fuel source for diesel engines.
Common blends won’t void engine warranties from major engine manufacturers. In fact, Soy Biodiesel has won praise from fuel injection equipment and engine manufacturers for its exceptional lubricity properties that reduce engine wear and extend engine life.

How does the price at the pump compare?
The price at the pump for Soy Biodiesel is cost-competitive when compared to petroleum diesel, and even can be lower at times. Because Soy Biodiesel is a U.S. product, it’s not subject to the worldwide factors that create price swings for imported petroleum. Plus, the long-term savings in reduced engine wear, repairs, maintenance and lost downtime make Soy Biodiesel the most economical choice for fueling the trucking industry.

What about gelling – is Soy Biodiesel difficult to use in colder months?
That’s a rumor that independent data puts to rest. You can use Soy Biodiesel in the winter by managing it in the exact same manner as No. 2 petroleum diesel. In fact, using Soy Biodiesel B2 can be better for your engine in cold weather (adding No. 1 diesel to improve winter cold flow reduces lubricity, while B2 Soy Biodiesel increases engine lubricity up to 66%!)

Why should I use Soy Biodiesel?
It’s good for your truck – you can expect less engine wear, fewer repairs and less downtime. It’s better for our environment because it burns cleaner. And it’s better for our country because it’s American made and improves our nation's energy security. When you think about it, why wouldn’t you use Soy Biodiesel? It’s a win-win-win!

Where can I purchase Soy Biodiesel in Iowa?
More and more fueling stops are adding Soy Biodiesel. For an updated list of locations statewide, click here. (If your favored fuel outlet doesn’t carry it, simply ask for it. This will help make it available more quickly throughout the state.)