Fueling the Future

Fueling the Future … for a better America
  • Made right here in the Midwest – NOT overseas in the Middle East!
  • Harvesting a home-grown, renewable fuel source
When supporting America, the trucking voice has always been loud and proud. And now, using Soy Biodiesel is one of the most “American” actions you can take as a trucking professional. In fact, every time you fuel with Soy Biodiesel, you make a statement.

  • You’re not going to sit back and let our country be at the mercy of foreign-based fuel providers.
  • You’re taking steps to help our country’s energy independence.
  • You’re showing your support for a proven, renewable fuel grown and processed in Iowa. A fuel that helps your engine perform better, creates jobs in the heartland and is better for the air we breathe.
The result? Soy Biodiesel has the potential to turn Iowa’s soybean fields into America’s “oil wells.” Soy Biodiesel is good for your engines, good for our environment and good for America. You can make it good for you too!

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