Fueling Progress

Fueling Progress ... for our economy, our environment and our health

  • Better for Iowa’s economy
  • Better for our air
  • Better for our health

As Iowa trucking professionals continue to make the switch to Soy Biodiesel, it will add more new jobs and improve economic development in our state. Plus, it’s estimated the Biodiesel industry will add up to 50,000 jobs nationwide over the next ten years! Here’s how you make a difference when you choose Soy Biodiesel:

  • Every 200 gallons of Soy Biodiesel you pump uses 143 bushels of soybeans in the production process (based on B100).
  • Those soybeans are grown by Iowa’s farmers, processed by in-state manufacturers, blended by local fuel distributors and delivered by in-state drivers.
  • That adds up to significant economic benefits for the state of Iowa!

Fueling Progress … for our environment and our health
Using Soy Biodiesel (especially in B20 or higher percentage blends) also reduces harmful engine emissions that contribute to environmental and health concerns. In fact, when compared to petroleum diesel, B100 Soy Biodiesel:
  • Reduces the ozone (smog) forming potential by 50%.
  • Reduces respiratory disease-contributing particulate matter by 30%.
  • Reduces cancer-causing PAH and NPAH compounds by 75-90%.

Soy Biodiesel’s cleaner-burning properties help fuel our progress toward a better environment, a better economy and better health. Soy Biodiesel helps us all breathe easier.

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